Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Planning the Ultimate Mitzvah!

Most of us want everyone to be talking about our son or daughter's Bar or Bat Mitzvah for years to come. After all this must be a day they will remember for a lifetime.

Are you looking for something that hasn’t been done here in Raleigh yet?

Dream and dream big! Imagine something cool like your son flying in to the room on a cable over his guests, or your daughter rising up from the stage in front of her friends? Sound like fun. We’re full of fun ideas for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah and we have the tools and a network of companies we work with to make your dream a reality. Contact Us for availability, then use our Mitzvah Planner to plan your Mitzvah now.

At Lenny Fritts Touch of Class DJ’s we’re constantly conjuring up new ideas that will make your event outstanding. What about a Glow in the Dark theme – very cool and very hip. The kids in other cities ( Las Vegas, Boston, NY) love it. Themed events are in and can include what ever your child would like.( Star Wars, Princess, Soccer, Basketball, Butterfly and the list goes on.)

We play only the clean, edited versions of songs and our  music list can be located here. Any song with XXX next to the song has questionable lyrics and will not be played unless you specifically request it. You can feel free to email us a list of any songs that aren’t on our list so we can be sure to add them for your event. 

Of course we offer all of the standard games (pdf) which you can find on this link. Coke and Pepsi, Mummy Wrap, and a list of others can be found on our site as well. Some that we have brought to the area that have been a great hit (Trikes race, Marshmallow relay, and Sack Race).

Most Mitzvahs’ are approximately four hours in length.. We will help you plan each detail from start to the finish. We will personally sit down with you and your son or daughter and help you and your child make your ideas a reality. We will orchestrate your event coordination with the Banquet location, photographer, and the Videographer. We want you to be a guest at your child’s Mitzvah.

There will be two members of the Touch of Class team at your event, one DJ and one Master of Ceremonies. Arriving at least one and a half hours before your event begins and dressed in full tuxedos, we will allow ample time to set up and check in with the banquet manager. We have a wireless microphone for any and all announcements (entrance, candle- lighting, Motzi). We can supply some props and some of the giveaways for each game for a fee.

Give-A ways include: Best Buys Cards, Target Cards, Itunes Cards, Starbucks Cards and any other type that you would like (Good berry’s ect)

Services We Can Provide

At the Service:

We would like to help you choose the Videographer that will capture the day’s events. Please ask us for a couple of referrals. We know several that can record the service to a DVD for a lifetime of great memories.


We would like to start the evening off with a lot of energy in the room. If we can suggest some very upbeat music to get your guest clapping and making a lot of noise. If there is a theme for the evening we would like to incorporate it within the music. We do take suggestions as well.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Traditions:

There are several ceremonies that take place and if we need to recognize any of them please feel free to mention the ones you would like well.( The Candle lighting, Motzi, and Kiddush) We are here to help you enjoy the evening with your guest and leave the worrying to us.

Candle Lighting:

We have provided a list of the traditional order. Usually Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, older relatives, younger relatives, friends (school) Bar / Bat Mitzvah Friends, siblings, and parents (consisting of 13 Candles). If a 14th candle is lit it is usually in honor of the guest of honor( Bar / Bat Mitzvah individual) One can also be dedicated in honor of a deceased love one. For each candle we would like you to select a song that best represents whom we are lighting the candle for. If you need any suggestions please call us at 919-632-0291 and Lenny will help you with your choices.


Our CD Library is very massive. If we don’t have the song of your picking we will try to find it. We have a lot of music from all genres. 1930 – to the current Top 40 / Rap and Country. Check out my music list We try our hardest to make sure that we play the Radio (clean) version. We also have the capability of playing from our IPod. If we are playing Music videos we will try our hardest to stay away from any and all of the explicit ones.

One or Two Person Show:

A one person show is for the smaller events where there are not a lot of games involved but rather music and fun for the kid’s enjoyment. A two-person event is where we would have one DJ just playing the music and lining up the games. The other would be the Master Of Ceremonies out on the floor to keep the party moving and the energy in the room upbeat. Call us for the current rate.

State of the Art Sound and Light Show:

We can create an atmosphere on the dance floor with the lights and other options that we provide such as: Bubbles, Haze, Smoke and Laser lights. We will arrive approximately 1.5 hours before your event starts to start setting up and getting all the games and props in order. The Sound system includes: two JBL Eon G2’s, Numark Mixer, Numark CDN 88 CD player, Shure Wireless microphone, and light controller. If we need more sound for the larger venues we can supply 2 – 6 additional speakers.

Music Videos:

We can add a little excitement with a big screen showing all of the latest and some of the older music videos. Let us know which videos you would like. 

DVD Montage:

This is a great specialty that always adds to the evening either during dinner of it can be played threw out the evening. All we would need from you is about 50 pictures from our guest of honor and we will lay them together with music to a DVD for you to take home.


We would love to help you get the best coverage from some of the best video people in the area. Please call us and we will get an appointment set up for you to meet them. Whether you want a one man Camera shot or a two person, we work with the best.


We can suggest some of the props you might need for your event. From the Glow items to the blow up guitars and microphones, there are a lot of things to choose from. If you are doing a themed event we can usually get everything that is incorporated with that type of theme (Soccer, basketball, surfing, etc). We can go thru the book and pick out what we know works and what the kids really like right now.


Another great added attraction for your event. You never know when we might find the next American Idol. We can accommodate one to several singers at a time. Maybe even the adults will get in on this a little later in the evening. There is an added price for this because it includes me getting you and your guest hooked up with the best KDJ in the area. He loves to sing and will perform for you to get things started.

With over 20 years of true musical entertainment we can make your Mitzvah that special event that everyone will be talking about.


I know you don’t just want any DJ, you want one who gives you impeccable customer service and makes your event tremendous fun for every guest. I guarantee that my team and I will make your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah just the event you’d hoped it would be.