Corporate Functions

Need Help Planning your Corporate Event?

Wouldn't it be nice to just show up at your event and enjoy it with your friends and colleagues? Planning an event can be stressful. Will the boss approve of what you have put together? What will the employees think? Will everything run smoothly?

Let us help you plan, engineer, and execute your event from start to finish. Lenny Fritts Touch of Class DJ's help take the worry out of planning. Check with us for availability. Contact Us. Our years of experience allow us to help guide you through the whole process.


Ready to start planning your event now? Use our planner.


How do I even begin to say thank you? Thank you so very very much for working with me to make sure everything fell into place Friday. You are always so organized and I really appreciate that. Thanks for overlooking my obsessiveness! I'm usually not quite that bad!

Have a wonderful week and I hope we'll see you again before next year....although you will likely need that long to recover from the mad-house that our events always turn into!

Kim Almond
Membership Director
The City Club


There will be a wireless microphone for any and all announcements. The music will be played under what we call the “Volume Controlled Management” policy. This is a group event and we want everyone to be able to talk to their friends sitting across the table from them without shouting and be able to hear them.

We will also present you with ideas that we know work to encourage people to dance and have a good time. We would love to help you plan your next event. No event is too large or small. Our music list can be accessed by clicking here.

Our Raleigh Djs are trained to handle event flow management