About Lenny

Lenny Fritts

When you mention New York everyone thinks of the city, when in fact upstate has gorgeous mountainside views and lakes to enjoy. Born and raised in Marathon, NY and moving on to serve his country in the United States Air Force, Lenny did his training in Texas and then was stationed in Madrid, Spain for his first duty station. He was then moved to Loring AFB, Maine. While stationed there, things got a little boring, so he took up working out and playing with music. He started creating his own tapes at first and later began creating CD Mixes of his favorite songs. In the 90's Lenny moved to Raleigh.

At first, Lenny worked for a few other DJ companies but realized that working for himself was the best way that he could give every client exactly what they wanted—each event produced just the way the client had envisioned it.

Since then, Lenny has served as DJ and MC at hundreds and hundreds of events and is passionate about making each unique and special. He has carefully trained his team to provide the best planning and customer service possible.